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We are in the memory business: honoring old ones and creating new ones
In memory of Grandpa Dewey and
Uncle Jack Ritter
What else can you see in
Red Boiling Springs and Macon County?
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Grandpa's House
2217 Oak Grove Road
Red Boiling Springs
Tennessee 37150

Rita will be at Step Back in Time on June 10th
from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for
"Doodle Your Heart Out" 

Doodling is as old as time and certainly older than when man learned to communicate via an alphabet. There are many proven benefits to spending some time doodling. Rita will touch on some of those benfits as we doodle our way through this class. Starting with three 2-dimensional designs of various sizes and finishing with a 3-D object. The class is limited to 20 people. Call 615-699-1919 to reserve your spot. Cost for the class is $25 a person.
Grandpa's House is on the road 

Look for Rita at the following festivals this spring:

May 21st - Mrs. Bridgewater's Eggstravaganza in the old hotel in Dixon Springs.

May 27th & 28th - Boom at the Barn in Cookeville

June 4th - Folk Medicine Festival in Red Boiling Springs

June 17th & 18th - Grits and Glitz in Granville

You can also  find some of our items at the Step Back in Time shop in downtown Red Boilings Springs.